A Call to Action

Where are the organizations that help individuals?

Where are the organizations that provide mentoring or someone to listen when you need an ear?

Where are the organizations that will help individuals find the help they need?

Help us become that place.

It's a start. A new beginning. A chance to make a difference.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Changes?

Does anything really change in the online autism world? If you look at the Huffington Post autism or vaccine related posts, it's easy to see nothing changes there; the same dozen folks pound away at each other, post after post. No change. No gain. I think it's like playing solitaire or the violent video game equivalent, only scorn and derision are the weapons of choice. What changes?

Age of Autism changes not at all. Same old rhetoric there. Some folks seem locked permanently into battle with each other over the same mercury-laden rants. What changes?

Some bloggers remain locked into the same hate-filled screeds against others they've decided are the enemy. What changes?

Some people remain mired, stuck, repeating in endless loops the same bitter rants against the world. All sound and fury, if you ken me. And I reckon you do quite well.

Ah, but what changes? Is it all doom and gloom, full of dangerous elements that signal our end? I don't think so. I really don't. There are plenty of people out there intent on making a change, making a difference. Plenty of folks willing to tilt at windmills. Plenty of folks willing to stand and fight for their children, for better lives for them, for better lives for us all.

Many of those people in the autism community and wider disability community are represented on the Autism Blogs Directory. Their posts, their blogs, their fights, are inspiring and heartwarming. So are the positive comments offering support and solidarity despite differences. Diversity, when it goes hand in hand with compassion and respect, is an awesome thing to see. What changes? Everything changes when we are willing to look past our differences to the things that unite us and bind us into a community.