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Where are the organizations that help individuals?

Where are the organizations that provide mentoring or someone to listen when you need an ear?

Where are the organizations that will help individuals find the help they need?

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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Judge Rotenberg Center: A Serial Examination

Kathleen and I will be looking at and collating information on the Judge Rotenberg Center here in what we expect to be a fairly lengthy examination. There are so many questions raised by this center, the way in which the clients are treated, what it says about humanity, human rights, compassion, morality, and so much more.

 I hope you'll watch this video; it's extremely interesting and serves as our third separate piece relating to the center (between postings at RFID/ABD/Countering).

Recent story concerning fight and arrests at a JRC group home.

A website about JRC.